Huh, CBS’s streaming service is doing pretty alright


We’ve already reached the point where subscribing to different streaming services is basically like choosing what channels you want in your cable package, except for the fact that they offer more content for less money and are all-around better than TV. That being said, MAN are there a lot of them out there. Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video are the new ABC, CBS and NBC, but then places like Amazon have additional channels you can subscribe to, like this gem. This level of saturation would lead me to believe old TV stations may be struggling to adapt, but that’s certainly not the case for CBS.

During a press tour for the Television Critics Association (whatever that looks like) CBS Interactive President and COO Marc DeBevoise touted some impressive growth for the networks streaming platform CBS All Access. The platform’s subscribers, total streams, and consumer time spent on the platform ALL increased by 50% in 2018. Now, they’re nowhere near Netflix subscriber numbers, like maybe not even 1%, but growth is growth and in this topsy-turvy streaming world, CBS looks like the plucky underdog.

I don’t want this article to seem like just an ad for All Access, but it seems to have been steadily improving since it launched five years ago. It’s not all sunshine and roses as the average consumer age of the service is 44, a bit on the tail end of the 18-49 demographic, but  there’s some Captain Picard action coming to it alongside Michelle Yeoh Star Trek spin-off show. Michelle Yeoh guys!

Even if only one good show sees the light of day on All Access or any other streaming platform, I’ll be happy. This is what I was hoping the new era of streaming channels would be: an odd smattering of shows that don’t make much sense together (All Access also has an Entertainment Tonight channel and football,) but will probably find small niche communities. It’s like Peak TV minus the annoying “TV” part.

CBS All Access Sees Double-Digit, Young-Skewing Subscriber Growth [Variety]