Hulk Hogan says he’s playing the villain in Expendables 4


Think The Expendables is going to run out of aging, muscle-bound actors? Think again. Hulk Hogan is claiming that he’ll be playing the villain for the fourth film in the implausibly continuing series. Of course, as with many things Hulk Hogan has said in his life, this is all Hulk hype. 

The actor(?) claimed that he and Stallone have had some unofficial talks about him coming into the films, but he’s also said this before when previous Expendables films were being made. Of course they are running out of new people to toss into these films so it’s far more possible that Hogan is actually going to be in Expendables 4. After rewatching his fight from Rocky III I’m not actually sure if that is a good thing. 

[via A.V. Club]

Matthew Razak
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