Hulkamania wants to run wild on Expendables 3, brother


Hulk Hogan "I Wanna Be a Hulkamaniac" official video

Before his sex tape, dying muscles, messy divorce, and failed reality show, Hulk Hogan was a respectable yellow wearin’, wraslin’ loon. I have to admit it’s sad to see him try strut his less than 24 inch pythons in vain as a desperate attempt to get attention. 

In an interview with Howard Stern, Hollywood Hogan expressed his wish to play a villain in third Expendables since Stallone is his “boy.” Apparently, his fans are demanding for him to be in it (Really people?) and it’s something I guess somebody wants somewhere or whatever. Also as a fun little bit, the Hulkster lied about being offered the lead in The Wrestler, which was a damn fine film. 

Even funnier was that Darren Aronofsky immediately shot that down on Twitter: 

for the record the role of the wrestler was always @MickeyRourke it was never hulk hogan’s as he claims on @HowardStern

I don’t think I can sigh loud enough to express how sad this is. Poor Terry. You know what would make us all feel better? Why don’t we sing along to “I Wanna Be a Hulkamaniac”? We could use some of that ole’ fashioned mania right now. 

[via /Film]