Hulu is renewing The Handmaid’s Tale to celebrate hitting 20 million subscribers


In a day of celebration for Hulu, the streaming service announced that it surpassed 20 million U.S. subscribers and gave fans more to look forward to by confirming The Handmaid’s Tale third season. If that wasn’t enough, Hulu also announced a partnership with DreamWorks Animation, creator of 2018 Academy Award nominee The Boss Baby

Hulu’s devotion to original content is starting to pay off, and a slew of upcoming projects could help bring in additional users. Bringing back The Handmaid’s Tale was all but certain given its success and acclaim, and now with DreamWorks Animation in the picture, Hulu will have exclusive rights to upcoming DWA films, as well as theatrical releases kicking in next year. 

But that’s not all! Hulu also has a partnership with Blumhouse Television for a series called Into the Dark. This horror series will be released the first Friday of every month in standalone episodes. Think of it as Hulu’s answer to Netflix’s Black Mirror. The first episode is set to premiere on October 5th and will follow the story of an egotistical hitman who may be too involved in the selfie culture many are so accustomed to. 

Hulu’s been in existence for just over a decade and with stiff competition, they’ve been able to create their own niche and generate customer growth. What a company can offer overwhelmed consumers is critical in keeping a business alive and well. Hulu’s early decision to team up with numerous networks to stream shows the day after they air was something the other services couldn’t offer, and Hulu has been able–through smart trial and error–to find a golden ticket with The Handmaid’s Tale. Teaming up with the likes of DFA and Blumhouse open new doors for what they can create with the goal to continue their growth trend. 

Hulu Renews ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, Inks Deal With DreamWorks Animation, Passes 20 Million Subscribers [Deadline]


Nick Hershey