Hulu revisits the Fyre Festival debacle with upcoming docuseries


Nearly a year after the failed Fyre Festival experiment, Hulu has announced they will be releasing a docuseries surrounding the event and its continuing fallout. The promise of world renown acts combined with the beauty of the Exumas was highly promoted as The Next Big Thing in the music festival experience before it all went south all too quickly. The series will have in-depth interviews with attendees and inside sources in hopes of uncovering how and when the event went off the rails.

As a refresher, patrons paid thousands of dollars for what was supposed to be a luxury concert event with luxury accommodations and luxury food. What they got was tents, bread and cheese sandwiches, and no concert. It’s curious really, how someone like Ja Rule, with all his experience as a big-stage performer, allowed something attached so closely to his name to be such an utter disaster.

Organizing an event of that purposed magnitude is by no means a simple feat. Getting investors on board, obtaining the necessary permits, booking the acts, the vendors, the accommodations…it’s a massive undertaking. One that apparently no one chose to take charge. The focus was heavy on the promotion aspect with an attitude opposite of that of Field of Dreams. Instead of “build it and they will come,” McFarland and company chose the old adage “pay Kendall Jenner $250,000 to Instagram it, and we’ll build it later.”

The story was fascinating through its birth and immediate death, raising many questions that, when stripped down, asked the same thing: how did this happen? Over the past year, there hasn’t been much in the way of answers as Fyre Media faced a $100 million lawsuit while Rule’s partner, Billy McFarland, was indicted for wire fraud charges in relation to the collapsed event.

The docuseries is being developed by Billboard, Mic, and The Cinemart with a release slated for 2019.

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Nick Hershey