Hulu developing alternate history novel Rodham for series


A new report from Variety has revealed that Hulu is currently developing a TV series based on the historical fiction novel Rodham. An alternate history book where politician Hillary Clinton never married Bill Clinton, this will be the second project the streaming service has developed with the former first lady.

Sarah Treem of The Affair fame is attached to write and executive produce the show for Hulu. Warren Littlefield (The Handmaid’s Tale) will executive produce the series for the Littlefield Company along with the novel’s author Curtis Sittenfeld.

I’m not exactly sure what the appeal is with this series. Hillary Clinton isn’t viewed in the best light and a fictional scenario where she didn’t meet Bill mostly seems like fan fiction. Considering Rodham is all about her rise to power in a political sense, it doesn’t seem like much changed when she ignored marriage.

At the same time, Hulu’s previous series Hillary was actually a fairly in-depth look at the 2016 election and the problems that came from it. It didn’t portray the former first lady as a shining beacon of righteousness, but as the human she is. There’s a chance this new series will do the same instead of glorifying her decisions.

Source: Variety

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