Human Centipede 3 will make HC2 look like a Disney film


In case you didn’t get enough of people with their mouths sewn to other people’s asses in one long biological sewage system, director Tom Six is making a third Human Centipede, while the 2nd one hasn’t even gone state-side as of yet (and was even banned by the BBFC). Why the world needs this or how sequels even came about in the first place (because of you sick bastards reading this, probably) is beyond me. Having had the displeasure of viewing the first Human Centipede, I decided that was enough (dared myself to and lost). It’s quite possibly the worst movie in the entire genre of “torture porn” you could ever see. ‘Nuff said.

Tom Six did note, however, that this, thankfully, would be his final entry in the series. Anybody else find it ironic that a man with the name ‘Six’ isn’t going for just as many entries? When asked whether he would ever do a 4th one, the crazed Dutchman said “No. Never, ever.” I guess he could only link three films ass-to-mouth. HEYOOOO!!

Lastly, Tom Six had this to say about Human Centipede 3: “We’re going to shoot the third film entirely in America and it’s going to be my favorite. It’s going to upset a lot of people.”

Wow… Man, F*CK the Dutch.

[Via EmpireOnline, Header via Me Likes You Comics]