Humans of New York is getting a TV series


Facebook has a new video watching area/platform/service thing called Watch that they rolled out this month. It is available to a select few folks at the moment, but given that video makes money it’ll be in everyone’s hands pretty soon. On it you can watch exclusive video content from Facebook creatives. Creatives like Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York fame. You know the photo essayist whose page presents regular people with often moving quotes above them.

I’ll leave the commentary for a Facebook video service to others, but the announcment here is that Humans of New York will now have a documentary series on Watch. You can expect much of the same as the Facebook page from the 12-episode series, except interviews will go more in depth and be edited together around a theme. If you’re like me, and a total sucker for the brand of “real life” that Stanton brings to the table with his photos this is kind of exciting. Or if you’re also like me and start crying at work because of some stupid story about a kid with cancer this is also kind of scary. I can barely make it through a post of text, how am I going to watch full videos of this?

The series will launch next week, though I’m not sure how we’ll all watch it as Watch won’t be rolled out to everyone by then. Maybe they will be posted on his page as well. 

Matthew Razak
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