Hunger Games and Spider-Man sequels are pretty obvious


Regardless of what you think about Amazing Spider-Man and The Hunger Games, these are movies that will probably make more money at the box office than there are grains of sand on every fancy California beach ever. One’s a Spider-Man movie, and those have always done well, and the other is based off of one of the most popular young adult series in the post-Twilight climate. So it won’t come as a surprise that both films already have sequels locked into their release dates. The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire (which is the title of the second book, obviously) will release November 22, 2013. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which will hopefully have a better title than that, will release May 2nd, 2014. I’d like to suggest titling it The Spectacular Spider-Man, and continue naming future sequels in such a manner.

[Via Screen Rant, Coming Soon]