Hurt Locker filmmakers working on Osama Bin Laden film


A few nights ago we were filled with a wide range of emotions upon hearing that Osama Bin Laden was dead. Even in the safety of our own homes the adrenaline was easily noticed, so it’s hard to imagine what it must have felt like to be a part of the Pakistan mission. What was the night before like? What was the entry like? What was the shot like? And during all of it, what was going on in the White House? I knew it wouldn’t be long before a movie based on the events would be announced, but I’m surprised it’s this soon, and delighted that it’s from the team that brought us The Hurt Locker:

Director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have had the bin Laden project in the works, and now that the al-Qaeda leader has been killed, a person close to the filmmakers said Monday that the film is more relevant than ever.

When an anti-war film like The Hurt Locker — which boldly showed how some of the most courageous troops overseas could be the biggest of cowards back home — went on to win six Academy Awards, then it’s to be expected a less controversial movie may win even more awards. I look forward to more details of the film, as well as more details from the government on how it all went down.

[Via Fandango]