I’m not sure I see the appeal to Onward

Onward | Official Trailer

Pixar is a studio I used to love with a fiery passion, but its output over the last decade has been incredibly mixed. From sequels no one wanted to just subpar original ideas, I no longer look forward to the next year’s Pixar release. Toy Story 4 was pretty solid, though, and I fell in love with the short film Bao, so the hope is still alive. Well, it was until I watched this latest trailer for Onward.

I like that Pixar is returning to a completely original IP, but what the hell is this? This is basically the same story Pixar has been telling for its entire existence. Two kids try to bring their dad back and will likely learn a lesson about life in the process. I can’t knock the studio for being sentimental and all, but I don’t even see the humor in this.

It’s neat that this is in some fantasy setting and we’re getting a mixture of different creatures, but I just don’t know what else to focus on. The story seems trite, the acting is fine, and the visuals aren’t up to Pixar’s usual standards. Maybe things will change before the film’s March 6, 2020 release, but I think I’ll be skipping yet another Pixar film. That’s a shame.

Onward | Official Trailer [Pixar via YouTube]

Peter Glagowski
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