I’m sorry I made The Purge 2 happen


It all started with the first trailer for The Purge. It seemed like a bad film with a hilariously stupid premise (but works well within the film according to Sean’s review) and that naturally led to jokes one night on Flixistentialism. We recorded, re-titled The Purge as Crime Day (because you get a day to commit crimes) and started #CrimeDay on Twitter. It worked well that first evening with multiple folks explaining what crimes they would commit such as crossing the street or eating a burrito without completely microwaving it. 

Then it blew up on Twitter when I re-instated the hashtag for Crime Day’s wide release last Friday. It gained a certain fervor which, of course, singlehandedly earned Crime Day 36 million dollars its opening weekend. And because money, a sequel to The Purge is now in development. Cue all the sighs. And for that everyone, I’m so sorry. Then again, at least we can make #CrimeDeux a thing. 

[via Twitter]