I Pegg The World’s End to be Wright around the corner


Really bad joke title not withstanding, it’s still great news to hear that Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s The World’s End is still being developed slowly but surely. The so-called “Three Flavours Trilogy” aka “The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy” (so named due to Cornetto ice cream and bloody violence being present in each movie) started off with strawberry (Shaun of the Dead in 2004). Then came the classic blue flavor (Hot Fuzz in 2007). Now all that’s left is the mint chocolate chip (The World’s End… and ew, mint). It’s been five years since Hot Fuzz released, and though both Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are hoping to film as soon as possible, it’s likely that we’ll be waiting even longer for that elusive final flavor to be churned and whipped up for human consumption; as late as 2014.

Personally, though Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World didn’t star either Simon Pegg or Nick Frost, I think it’s as brilliant and stylized as any Edgar Wright production that came before it and serves as a fine placeholder until The World’s End finally gets released. We’ll just call it the rainbow sorbet of the Ice Cream Quadrilogy. That being said, it’s only been about two years since Scott Pilgrim was released, so waiting till 2014 doesn’t seem like too arduous a task. Let’s just hope they have more to go on besides what’s on that giant notepad down below by the time they get to shooting.

[Via Collider]