Ice Cube might make a new Friday; will keep selling out


As a white guy from small-town Indiana, I’m a big fan of Friday. And even though I haven’t seen the sequels (No Smokey, no go), the news that Ice Cube might be working on a fourth Friday movie gets me excited in places I forgot I had. 

According to Vulture, Cube has entered talks to write the fourth entry to the Friday series, and may be directing it as well. In addition to that, Tiny Lister (who played Deebo in the original and its sequel Next Friday) recently spoke to TMZ, and said that Chris Tucker may come back and play Smokey. Apparently though, Tucker’s religious beliefs made him stray from the two sequels already produced. 

I don’t know about you, guys…but I’m excited! It’ll be nice to see Cube go back to his acting roots instead of doing yet another family comedy. What do you think? Is the franchise dead as Cube’s rapping career, or is there a sliver of greatness yet to be implemented into the series?

[via Vulture]