Identity Thief posters label Jason Bateman a sucker


My life gets very few moments of serendipity. I know Identity Thief, a flick about a guy named Sandy (Jason Bateman) whose identity and credit card information is stolen by Diana (Melissa McCarthy) and then comedy happens, exists but I can’t help feeling that the poster for the film is straight up declaring that Jason Bateman is a sucker. 

And then I start thinking about why Jason Bateman is a sucker. Is it because he was in The Change Up? Is it because Arrested Development still isn’t happening (I know he doesn’t control that, but bear with me)? Is it because Extract tanked so bad? Is it because I thought Horrible Bosses was funny? Wait…all of that isn’t Jason Bateman’s fault…it’s mine. Am I the real sucker here? 

Well at least Melissa McCarthy is really funny. You check out the posters in the gallery.