Idris Elba breaks into a nice lady’s home in ‘No Good Deed’ trailer

No Good Deed - Official Trailer - In Theaters September 12th

You know the classic story: convict charms woman into letting him into her home, woman is terrorized, convict plays lovingly with woman’s daughter while woman screams in fear. It’s a tale as old as time! And what happens in Sam Miller’s (Luther) upcoming thriller, No Good Deed. 

No Good Deed stars Idris Elba (Pacific Rim/Prometheus) as a violent criminal who terrorizes a mother and her two children after sneaking into their home. So it’s kind of like The Strangers meets Labor Day meets Obsessed, and if that doesn’t sound like an entertaining combination I don’t know what does. Judging by the trailer, I feel like No Good Deed will be one of those vapid but outrageously entertaining thrillers we all love so much, and Elba has proved himself to be a powerhouse actor in the past, so this could be a match made in movie heaven. 

No Good Deed opens September 12th. 

[Source: Slashfilm]