Idris Elba’s Mandela biopic gets a fancy trailer


I’m surprised there’s not been a full-blown ‘biopic’ until now. We’ve had our TV movies and Invictus, but Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom seems to be the first proper Mandela effort. It stars Idris Elba, who looks uncannily like Nels, and follows his years as a ‘freedom fighter’ (or ‘terrorist’ if you’re Maggie Thatcher). It also has a love story with Naomi Harris or something, seems all pretty ‘staple’ for a bioic.

I’m not sure whether the film is trying to sex up Mandela’s political rise or try to simply play out a silly action film with a biopic as the backdrop. Elba seems to deliver his top-notch performance, as always, but the rest of the cast doesn’t catch my eye. It’ll be interesting to see exactly how they cover Mandela’s controversial past.

[via Collider]