IFC buys Shining documentary Room 237


I’m no stranger to a bunch of crazy kooky weird theories on The Shining (My second favorite Kubrick movie), and I’m constantly seeking out new ones. So when I heard that at Sundance this year, there was a documentary that was just about Shining theories, I lept in the air and did a summersault. Now, though, I’m one step closer to seeing this movie.

IFC Midnight has picked up distribution rights to Room 237, the documentary in question. While a date isn’t known yet, the film will be in theatres this year. And hopefully that means it will be on digital channels (Netflix, Hulu, OnDemand, etc.) soon after. From everything I’ve heard about this one, it seems to be required viewing for fans of The Shining, and Stanley Kubrick in general.

[via Deadline]