Image and teaser for new Total Recall appear


Normally we don’t cover teaser trailers for trailers because the idea of a trailer for a trailer might be one of the most idiotic things in the entire universe. However, I was planning to do a post to show off the new poster/banner for the Total Recall remake and this teaser also happened to pop up today and since I was already do the one I figured what the hell. Look above to watch the idiocy unfold.

By idiocy I both meant the fact that you just watched a trailer for a trailer and the fact that everything about this movie looks idiotic. For starters a remake to Total Recall is just not something that would ever be needed and now that we’ve got a look at it we can tell well. Instead of the original and creative Schwarzenegger vehicle we get something that looks like it wants to be Blade Runner mixed with Minority Report and just a smidge of Judge Dredge (as the folks at Collider so kindly pointed out). Here’s hoping the action actually works.

I think I’m supposed to tell you where this trailer is going to premiere, but if you’re planning your life around watching a trailer for this I don’t really want to help you out.

[via Collider]

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