Images from Hotel Transylvania terrify (in a bad way)


Everybody likes to rag on Adam Sandler these days. He’s come from making his career with jokes to having his whole career turn into a joke. It’s not that he’s not funny, it’s that he makes really bad decisions. What’s worse is that he’s trying to break into the animation biz once again after an ill-advised foray with 8 Crazy Nights. Not that it was a bad film, but it’s a genuinely hard sell, you have to admit. With that said, and taking into account his latest effort with Jack & Jill *shudder*, it’s hard to imagine that Sandler’s career can get any worse, right?

Yeah, well, records were made to be broken. Check out these images from his latest animated “film” (somehow feels wrong to call it that), Hotel Transylvania, in mind-blowing CG this time. Uh oh, we’re jumping on the bandwagon now. And Jesus. Just look at these images. Aren’t these some of the most uninspired, stock and downright cliche character designs you’ve ever seen? It looks like a fetus could have made those 3D models. I’m almost overwhelmed by how bad it looks that I don’t want to even believe this is a Hollywood production.

I’m also not sure what’s up with his latest obsession of putting Andy Samberg in all of his movies, but that guy’s career is just beginning. He’s coming from the top of social popularity with Dick in a Box to Sandler fare? I’m pretty sure Gojira actually means “Adam Sandler film,” because we’ll all be running away from Hotel Transylvania when it comes out September 28th. Mark my words.

[Via Collider]