Images of X-Men’s Quicksilver leave fans to speculate


With two new images surfacing for X-Men: Days of Futures Past showing off American Horror Story’s Evan Peters as Quicksilver and Nicholas Hoult return as Beast, comic book fans have gone into ultra speculation mode considering Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be appearing in Avengers 2. If you are not in the know about comic books and the rights owned by the studios for production of their movies, Fox owns the rights to the X-Men (which I wish they didn’t because I think the movies they have made are dreck, besides X-Men: First Class) and much of Marvel being owned buy Disney(which the movies have been very good in my opinion), and poor old Spider-Man being abused like a red head step child who just farted at the dinner table by Sony.


[via Collider]

Now why is there such speculation? Simple, Magnito is the father of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. This is revealed by their mother, Magda, who is a gypsy that was once involved with Magnito and later fled from him when he manifested his powers and started thinking of world domination. As you can see, we are already pretty far from this in the movies, and when it comes to the Studio’s right to X-Men or the rest of the Marvel universe, things just become a cluster bang. Especial considering that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are proverbial corner stones in the Avengers universe.

So how will they do it? Kiss the origin story of these characters as you know it good bye. Unless one really good executive has already managed to grease the wheels of both studios in question, we are going to see two different origin stories, and both might not even come close to what we know. Originally Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were inseparable siblings until Scarlet Witch got married to Vision, who is a pseudo-human android. Ya take a moment to let that sentence seep in. They spent very little time in the X-Men side of the Marvel universe, despite being the children of one of the most infamous characters in the X-Men series, instead being on the Avenger, and only leaving once, which they then promptly came back. So lets break this up into two side; Fox and Marvel.

Fox – This continuity has the most likely chance to show the true origin story for Quicksilver, even tho his sister is confirmed to be absent from the movie X-Man: Days of Futures Past, at least when it comes to the relationship with Magnito. As for everything dealing with Quicksilver not being in  or from America, and his gypsy background, I highly doubt that we will see any of that. This is a shame because it fundamentally builds the characters of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s story and why they side with the Avengers rather then Magnito. I am guessing they will use the Father-Son angst, which will fall flat and later be over looked.

Marvel – Now Marvel has altered allot of the origins of many of the characters while keeping it semi related, but well polished and condensed for their movies. Also with the focus being more Worldly when it comes to their movies. We might actually get to see a version of the origin story play out involving their gypsy origins in Europe, and the awkward and destructive development of their powers which causes a angry mob to overwhelm them. But instead of being saved by Magnito when they encounter this situation, they would be saved by SHIELD.

But at the end of the day, until we actually get to see the movies, its all speculation. Why don’t you readers join in and tell us what you think about this narrative dilemma in the comments below.