Imagine, if you will, the first trailer for the Twilight Zone reboot


The Twilight Zone has been rebooted plenty of times before but not since the original has it looked anywhere near something one would call good. However, with Jordan Peele behind the helm and a cast so good it feels like it came from some twilight zone itself, it’s hard not to desperately want to watch this show… so much so that you might actually pay for CBS All Access even though Star Trek: Discovery isn’t new at the time.

From this trailer alone I have no idea what the heck these episodes are going to be about (Kid President? Lost remake? Black woman not being afraid of local police?) but the overall tone is creepy as hell and right on the mark for The Twilight Zone. And can we talk about Peele’s sinister stare? That’s a good sinister stare, right there. He doesn’t have the natural creepiness of Rod Serling but he’ll do. 

Twilight Zone lands on CBS All Access on April 1. Have a nice poster below too.

Matthew Razak
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