IMAX to back away from 3D movies


I’m not a 3D movie hater. I think in the right hands 3D can make an incredibly movie. In fact I know it can. The sad thing is that directors don’t usually film for 3D. They just shoot a 2D movie with 3D cameras. There’s no use of depth to expand the scene or add to anything so the extra cost of a 3D ticket becomes moot, and that seems to be crawling into the public’s perception prompting IMAX to step back from 3D screenings.

After releasing flagging numbers for the last quarter IMAX’s CEO Greg Foster said that the company would be cutting back on their 3D releases. Foster pointed to Dunkirk as an example of the success of 2D films over 3D, saying that audiences have shown a preference for 2D movies.

As I said, this is great for having less movies that just force 3D for the extra dollars it brings in ticket sales, but there is a time and place for 3D and I hope IMAX backing of it doesn’t mean great directors don’t try to use it going forward.

[via The Wrap]

Matthew Razak
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