In a world of delays, Snowpiercer actually has its release date pushed FORWARD


I may be a crazy man, but one of my favorite memories writing for Flixist was eating Snowpiercer circket bars at New York Comic Con with Matt. Did I have to expose myself to that underwhelming cuisine? No, but I wasn’t going to miss out on the chance to force Matt to eat crickets for the sake of journalism. Those bars were meant to promote TNT’s upcoming Snowpiercer TV series, which served as an American adaptation of both the original French graphic novel and the 2014 Bong-Joon Ho movie

With all of the big movie delays occurring due to the coronavirus, television has mostly remained unaffected. Most TV shows are still on track for release with shows currently being filmed obviously being a major exception. But when you think about it, a show can provide weeks worth on entertainment and most of the big shows of the spring and summer have already concluded filming. The film industry may be in trouble, but at least it seems like business as usual in TV land for now, so much so that TNT has actually pushed forward the release date for Snowpiercer

While the show, which is centered around a constantly moving train in a frozen dystopian future, was originally slated to release on May 31, 2020, the release date was pushed up two weeks and will now begin to air on May 17, 2020. This was an effort on TNT’s part to “meet audiences where they are,” whatever that means. This isn’t like a movie premiere where if an audience wants to see a movie, they have to go to a theater. Instead, this is a TV show where people, you know, watch it on TV. Regardless, I’m just happy now that I get to watch this series sooner rather than later. 

Snowpiercer will air on TNT starting May 17, 2020. The first season will air for ten episodes. A second season has already been confirmed. 

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