Inception, Star Trek, Fast Five hitting AMC IMAX theaters


I saw Inception in theaters four times, three of which were in IMAX. Seeing that film on a screen several times the size of my house was an incredible experience. If you had the opportunity to see it in IMAX and passed it up, AMC is giving you a chance to atone for your sins. Starting this Friday (Sept. 30th) and running for one full week (until Oct. 6), AMC IMAX theaters will be playing Inception again, along with Star Trek and Fast Five. I imagine that Star Trek would also be pretty cool on a big screen, but Fast Five doesn’t really fit with in with the quality of the first two. Apparently these are three of the highest grossing IMAX films ever, and so AMC wants to capitalize on… nostalgia? I don’t know, but the tickets are only $7 per film, which is shockingly low in this day and age for a regular cinema experience, let alone an IMAX one. 

If I find myself next to an AMC in the next week, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll see Inception a fourth time that way. The spectacle of it fits perfectly on the big screen. So there’s my recommendation Anyone else looking to take advantage of this?

[Via AMC Theaters]