Independence Day 2 now called Independence Day Resurgence


Independence Day 2 now has an official title: Independence Day Resurgence. There’s no colon there so it is in fact July 4 that is having a resurgence, and not a subtitle. Punctuation aside this title fits in pretty well with what we’ve heard about the plot and also is a bit meta in that an old franchise is coming back to life. 

Along with the title naming came some pictures. There’s one of director Roland Emmerich doing direct-like things and there’s one of the ol’ Moon Tug, which is a vehicle of some sort. Finally you get a title image, which is an image of a title. But that’s not all! They’ve put the title in motion. Can you believe it? Motion! The future is now. 

#IDR Independence Day: Resurgence | Official Title Reveal [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Matthew Razak
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