Indian Jones 5 is confirmed, but still in early development


When Disney bought LucasFilm pretty much everyone got excited about Star Wars, but they picked up another franchise that was in series need of saving: Indiana Jones. We all remember where we left that one, right? Space aliens, hiding in refrigerators from nuclear bombs and Shia Lebeouf. It wasn’t so good.

However, there were definitely sequels planned, but nothing happened for a really long time. Now, finally, we have confirmation that Indiana Jones 5 is going to happen. LucasFilm’s president Kathleen Kennedy said that another Indy movie “will one day be made inside this company. When it will happen, I’m not quite sure. We haven’t started working on a script yet, but we are talking about it.”

So, it’s happening. Most likely not in time for Harrison Ford to still be alive, but we’re thinking reboot here over a continuing story.

[via Variety]

Matthew Razak
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