Indiana Jones Blu-rays get their own trailer


In case you hadn’t heard Stephen Spielberg is finally getting his act together and putting his films out on Blu-ray. What exactly does that mean? In this case it means that on september 18 we get to buy the first three Indiana Jones films all over again on Blu-ray and finally own a copy of Crystal Skull that we can sacrafice to the Gods of bad movies. Plus, even more new bonus feature content!

Does anyone else wonder where they keep digging this stuff up? Is there like a large room where they keep never-before-seen content that they go into every time a new release comes up? Then they just leave a little leftover for whatever the next release format will be.

Anyway, it’s a testament to how great the Indiana Jones trilogy is that everyone is willing to buy a fourth movie that shouldn’t exist in a box set just to get the other three Jones films. If you’re like me and you like to believe that Crystal Skull never happened you can watch the fan made trailer below that cuts out 8 seconds of the one above. Even the PR company couldn’t stand the fourth film for more than 8 seconds.

[via Bleeding Cool]

Indiana Jones TRILOGY on Blu-ray - HD Trailer - Edited to show only the original trilogy scenes

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