Indie horror flick Stormhouse inspired by ‘REC’


I know they give some people a queasy stomach, but I love “amateur documentary” films like REC and Cloverfield. I can manage to look past questions like how the battery on a supposedly consumer grade camera can last so long and how dedicated a survivor would actually be during the crazy events going down; no, I trick myself into believing they’re really home movies during which lots of weird stuff happens.

So when I hear from Bloody Disgusting that a new British indie film called Stormhouse is inspired by Paranormal Activity and REC, the latter of which saw an American remake dubbed Quarantine, my ears prick up. Directed by Dan Turner and released by AV Pictures, Stormhouse is a horror film set six months before the invasion of Iraq. The premise is that the British military imprisoned a supernatural entity and must face the consequences in the following days.

The film is set to feature Katie Flynn, Grahame Fox, Patrick Flynn, and Grant Master. I’m interested, but I’m admittedly biased in favor of these films. Are any of you interested?

[via Bloody Disgusting]