Infamous 2012 Dutch art heist getting movie treatment


If there are two things that sell movies its being able to slap the words “Based on a true story” and having the movie be about a heist. We just eat that stuff up. This is why every time there’s a big robbery you’re almost positive a movie is going to be made about it. The latest one is the notorious Dutch art heist at Rotterdam’s Kunsthal Museum on Oct. 16 2012 in which seven men stole more than $100 million worth of art. 

This one might play out a bit differently than your standard heist film. See it turned out the thieves weren’t some expert crime team, but a group of men from a small Romanian village. While I’m sure there will be plenty colorful elaboration on the true story from the talks of the film’s producer, Tudor Giurgiu, the movie might focus more on the aftermath in which one of the suspected criminals mother’s burned some of the paintings in an attempt to save her son. His thoughts on the film lean more towards the value we place on art than a focus on a cleverly crafted heist. Hopefully they keep it interesting and don’t turn it into your standard heist film with a crappy twist ending.

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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