Inferno: Lohan’s out, Akerman’s in


If I was making a movie and had to chose between a hot actress who can’t act or stay out of the tabloids and a hot actress who can act and hasn’t been to rehab, the choice would be pretty clear. So today, when I heard Malin Akerman (Watchmen) was replacing Lindsay Lohan as the titular character in Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. Sure, I want to see Lohan naked, but an Akerman is fine too.

An insider e-mailed Deadline, citing that “Lindsay was dropped as she’s impossible to insure and the producers loved Malin.” Who can blame them? Lohan is a trainwreck and Malin Ackerman is simply adorable. It helps that she is certainly no stranger to nudity. With an NC-17 rating, I’m all too thrilled to see Akerman get darkly sexual as she steps into the late Lovelace’s thigh-highs. More on this to come for sure.

[Via Deadline]