Inhumans gets its first teaser trailer and image


Marvel has been kicking around Inhumans for a while now. It was originally going to be a movie, but that was dropped, and now the science fiction comic is coming to TV (and theaters kind of). It’s a hard departure from anything else Marvel has done on the small screen as it plays as straight science fiction, a genre they haven’t touched outside of Guardians

The teaser doesn’t actually tell us much, but the first image does give us a look at the cast in all their (cheesy) science fiction glory. The plot centers around Black Bolt and the rest of his royal family, who are Inhumans. That’s an alien race of super powered people, not to be confused with the inhumans of Agtents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

One wonders how closely connected this will be to anything that goes on in the rest of the MCU if the fact that they’re on an alien planet will mean it has almost nothing to do with it. Maybe a mention of the Guardians? Are the two groups of inhumans connected? They are in the comics, but who knows with the show. 

We’ll know soon enough when the show starts in September, with the first two episodes airing in IMAX theaters and running for two weeks. Marvel is definitely pulling out the stops for this one. 

First Teaser – Marvel’s Inhumans

Matthew Razak
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