Insider tour reveals yes, Pixar is that awesome


Anyone who has visited a Google office knows the company is fond of a fun, upbeat workplace. Large, colorful, comfy chairs and well-stocked break rooms come standard, and employees are actually paid to work on their own side projects (off the clock). But can Google boast an office behind a bookshelf accessed via a switch hidden in a Shakespeare bust, ala Batman? Didn’t think so.

The New York Times got a rare tour of the Pixar facilities, and the video is nothing short of awesome. Aside from the immaculate facilities (a six hundred seat theater designed to THX standards, a full cereal bar!), Pixar also houses some of the most creative people working in film today. It should then come as no surprise that members of their animation team were subjected to a rigorous run through a massive trash heap to “research” a scene involving characters who, wait for it, take a rigorous run through a massive trash heap (Toy Story 3).

If this sounds like a place where you might like to work, don’t bother prepping your resume. Pixar doesn’t accept any outside scripts, and they have already started working on their next few projects (Cars 2 andMonster’s Inc 2) that will keep them busy for quite a few years. Work at Pixar isn’t a walk in the park either; each syllable of each word that appears on film has its own animation. I guess the trade-off is that you get to work for Pixar. It’s a dream job for everyone except our heartless overlord Tom Fronczak, who somehow doesn’t scream with excitement like a teen girl at a Beatles concert every time a new Pixar movie comes out. How he maintains his composure in such moments of ethereal jubilation is a puzzle we at Flixist may never solve…     

Via The New York Times

Image via The Chive