International Riddick teaser poster found


Marketing for the upcoming new Riddick film, apparently officially called Riddick if this poster has anything to say about it, has been scarce despite a possible early 2013 release. Sure we know the plot and we have confirmation that it will thankfully be rated R (along with concept art), but all out marketing has been scarce. Now we finally get a poster in the form of a French teaser poster

The poster is really just a Photoshop of the still you see below so it’s not that exciting, but at the same time it’s REALLY EXCITING BECAUSE RIDDICK! Seriously, it’s hard not to get excited for a return of sci-fis most badass heroes in a form that isn’t a neutered studio film. Hopefully, with the original writer/director returning again, this one pays off.

[CineHeroes, via First Showing]

Matthew Razak
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