International trailer for Catching Fire doesn’t spoil

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire International Trailer

You have to give it to the marketing department behind the Hunger Game‘s movies. They know how to put together some trailers that don’t spoil the movie. I’m sure it helps that the first two books are front loaded with quality dramatic stuff before the games begin so you’ve got plenty of material to choose from, but it’s still strikingly different from most trailers these days. Plus, OH MY GOD HUNGER GAMES.

Not much new in this trailer from the last one we checked out, but it is a bit tighter and a little more thrilling. There’s almost none of the actual games shown off, but all of the political intrigue. It’s like they’re baiting us perfectly, and it works damn well. I was pretty tired of big blockbusters after this summer, but now I can’t wait for fall to come. 

Matthew Razak
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