International Trailer: Martha Marcy May Marlene


I swear, this movie gets better and better looking with every trailer. The international trailer for Martha Marcy May Marlene expands on the general creepiness of the entire subject. If you’ve forgotten, the film is about a woman (Elizabeth Olson) who escapes a cult lead by the amazing John Hawkes (who looks to be giving an Oscar-caliber performance) and must painfully readjust to life with her family. Very interesting stuff. There aren’t nearly enough movies about cults these days. I may write a Cult Club article on a “cult” movie like this, but Xander would probably snap a ruler across my wrists.

Anyway, Martha Marcy May Marlene opens October 21 in the US of A, and I’m super pumped to see it! We’ve also got the new poster in the gallery below, so check it out.

[Collider, via Empire]