International Trailer: Mirror Mirror


I’m not terribly into either of the dueling Snow White pictures, the other being Snow White and the Huntsman, which looks like Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood with a female lead less charismatic than Russel Crowe. If I had to say I’m on either movie’s side, it’d probably be Mirror Mirror, solely for the fact that it’s got so much more going on visually, thanks to Tarsem’s eye for the weird, and that it actually understands that the story of Snow White, being a fairy tale, can have a little levity, and yes I know these original fairy tales are actually quite dark aren’t you goddamned clever for pointing it out.

Also, Armie Hammer acting like a dog. Classic. God bless that man. He was gonna be Batman and Superman at two different points in his career, and now look at him. Acting like a dog and wearing a rabbit-eared top hat.