Introducing Flixist Film School


Hey, how are ya? You like movies, right? I mean, why else would you be here? That’s what I thought. Ever wondered how to make your own movies? Ever wondered how to make your own movies better? Well here’s your chance!

Every month, my fellow writers and I will be bringing you articles detailing the finer points of film making. Be it writing, editing, producing, talking to actors, or holding a boom pole, we’ll break down the processes of making your own movies. It’s like going to film school, but for free! It’s almost like a…Flixist Film School. Check after the break for admission requirements.

Flixist Film School is our way of encouraging filmmakers to get out there and make movies. We now benefit from cheaper equipment and an unlimited wealth of information about movie-making. Because of that, you have the ability to shoot and upload videos to an audience of millions using nothing more than a cell phone. Hollywood has got to be shaking in their boots, because for the first time ever, it costs more to see a movie than make one. Millions of creative minds can collaborate on film projects and share their work with the world, for almost no cost at all. Excited? You should be.

Look forward to many great articles by your lovely Flixist team. Take me for instance. I’m a film editor outside of the blogosphere, with several shorts and webisodes to my name. How about that handsome devil Sean Walsh? He wrote a pretty great script, and he’ll show you how to write your own. And who could forget about the equally handsome Sam Membrino, who is a true jack of all trades. Whether it’s cinematography, editing, or producing, Sam’s the man. But we’re not the only ones; every staff member is more than qualified to teach you something awesome.

Since this is something for the community, we want your feedback so we can make this series even better. What topics do you want to know more about? Is there something you feel you could share with the community? Contact us at [email protected], or shoot us a message through the site.

Now let’s go make some art!