Iron Giant Signature Edition Blu-ray coming in September


Last year we all had the chance to see The Iron Giant, Brad Bird’s first and possibly best film, in theaters again with added footage. It was dubbed the Signature Edition and was pretty awesome, especially since many folks didn’t catch it in theaters the first time. Now we’ll be able to take it home and it is glorious.

The basic Signature Edition will include both the directs cut released last year and the original theatrical release, both versions having been remastered. Along with that you’ll get directors commentary and an alternate opening plus a bunch of other content including a new documentary called “The Giants Dream” that chronicles the making of the film. The making of this movie is such a crazy story that it might actually be a special feature you watch.

That’s just the basic Blu-ray, though ($14.99). The Ultimate Collector’s Edition is really where its at with a hardcover art book, Mondo art cards and an articulated, 4″ tall Iron Giant it looks just absolutely stunning. You’ll also get a letter from Brad Bird, which is kind of an odd bonus, but I suppose a nice thing for him to do. The retail price on that is a bit higher at $74.99, but I’d pay it in a heart beat just to own the box with that amazing art deco artwork on the front. 

Matthew Razak
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