Iron Man 3 to be a “Tom Clancy-style thriller”


The good news keeps on rolling with Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. It has been officially announced that Black will be writing the script for the upcoming sequel as well as directing the film. In addition, he has revealed the first few little bits of info about the project. The last Iron Man movie suffered a lot thanks to a pressing need to shoehorn in as much Marvel stuff as possible, from Nick Fury bringing up the Avengers to Black Widow to the possibility of a War Machine spin off. Oh, and there also had to be a movie in there somewhere amidst the shared universe stuff. Not the best way to follow up on a major franchise.

Black has stated that the film will not be featuring any other Marvel heroes. Sure, it’s easy to guess that there’ll be a few nods here and there to other properties, especially if The Avengers is super successful, but I’m fairly relieved at the notion that Iron Man will be the focus of an Iron Man movie, crazy as it seems. Black also mentions that the film will be more along the lines of a “Tom Clancy-style thriller, with Iron Man fighting ‘real world villains.’” Whether this means a return to the Ten Rings terrorist organization that captured Tony Stark in the first film (and a hint at the magical nemesis The Mandarin) or something different, we won’t know until the script’s been written. Color me excited.

[Via /Film]