Iron Man editor develops iPad editing app


Dan Lebental, editor of the Iron Man series, apparently misses touching real film while he is editing. So he has been developing an application for the iPad called TouchEdit which will bring us a step back closer to the simpler days of editing with a pair of scissors and tape.

In a nutshell, this will be a frame-based editing application with a so-called “retro aesthetic.” It will have the basic tools that film editor’s use, so don’t expect it to be some super complicated program. According to Lebental, “about 85-90% of the tools that I use to do huge movies are in here in some shape or form.” It won’t come cheap though. Lebental is aiming for the $50 mark as an introductory price on the App Store.

If this program works as well as it’s supposed to, this could turn out to be quite the handy tool for more mobile video editing. While it won’t probably replace an actual computer any time soon, it would be a nice as a supplement for editing on the go.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]