Is a 3D Doom reboot on the way?


The Doom movie starring Karl Urban and The Rock was dumb, dumb, dumb. It’s also one of those movies I can watch and get a solid ninety minutes of laughter. And I’ll admit that I think the first-person scene is just baller. Despite being an awful movie that didn’t do well at the box office, not even managing to make back half its budget, and managed to strip away most of the more interesting parts of the video game, Universal is in the early stages in development of a rebooted Doom shot in 3D, of course. The notion is that G.I. Joe’s success emboldened the studio to take another shot at the franchise.

I’m all for trying again with Doom. It has awful creatures from Hell on the planet Mars, large guns, and a minimum of necessary plot. However, the /Film story mentions the possibility of making the film PG-13, along the lines of G.I. Joe. F**k that. The entire point of Doom is pointing a gun at a horrible monster and watching it explode into fleshy bits. Entrails might be involved. A PG-13 Doom would just be shooting things and a terrible plot. The real question, though, is will it have the complicated environmental commentary found in the Doom comic?

[Via /Film]