Is an extended Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood cut in the cards?


It’s been a month and change since Quentin Tarantino’s latest film hit theaters after its Cannes Film Festival premiere. Releasing to critical acclaim and box office records for Tarantino, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood is a success all around, and there might be more yet to come.

Speaking to the New York Times in an extensive profile, Brad Pitt might have indicated that Tarantino isn’t done just yet with his love letter to the film industry. An outtake posted to Twitter by writer and interviewer Kyle Buchanan might mean an extended cut of Hollywood could see release in the future.

The Tweet mentions (click to view Buchanan’s outtake in its entirety) the “series format,” though if Tarantino goes about Hollywood the way he edited an extended Hateful Eight cut for Netflix, the work might resonate more as a movie in digestible chunks, rather than separate episodes.

Still, the precedent for an abridged version of a long Tarantino film is there, and with the filmmaker increasingly vocal about a non-feature future for his output, it’s interesting to see Tarantino branch out even slightly into more modern outlets of cinematic entertainment. 

Tweet by @kylebuchanan [Twitter]