Is Kanye West the “creative director” of a Jetsons movie?

[UPDATE: The film’s producer, Denise Di Novi, confirmed that Kanye WASN’T just off his medication. He has actually taken meetings to sign on to the Jetsons movie, according to an interview with Di Novi on MTV.]

If you guys are on Twitter, you totally need to follow Kanye West. He doesn’t really tweet THAT often, but when he does, it’s usually some grand outpouring of insanity. Take last night, for example. Something got itself firmly stuck into Yeezy’s brainpan, and he went on a three hour long rant about…well, a lot of things. Education, the state of the world, her new company DONDA, which feels like a combination Tom Haverford’s Entertainment 720 with nigh infinite resources and Lex Luthor’s world government at the end of Superman: Red Son, and, weirdly, a passing mention that he may be the “creative director” on a Jetsons movie. You can read the exact tweet right here. History has proven that Kanye’s a man whose mouth moves significantly faster than his brain does, so who can say how much actual truth is sitting here.

Nevertheless, Kanye West doing…whatever the creative director does in a Jetsons movie sounds like it could be pretty funky. His “Stronger” video had a really awesome Blade Runner vibe, so I guess at least his other creative collaborators know good sci-fi when they see it. If this does have a germ of truth to it, I think these oddball sorts of creative partnerships can really make things a lot more interesting than if, say, the team behind the Yogi Bear movie decided to move their fell blood sex magicks onto The Jetsons.

[Via Kanye West’s Twitter]