Is Naomie Harris playing Moneypenny in Bond 23?


With Bond 23 set to start filming in November, casting rumours are starting to gather pace. Last month, we got the first official word on the subject, confirming that the always marvellous Naomie Harris had been talking to producers about taking a role in the movie. There has been plenty of chatter about the role she was in talks for, and now Daily Mail entertainment reporter Baz Bamigboye is claiming she will be the first actress to play Moneypenny since Pierce Brosnan’s final outing as Bond in 2002’s Die Another Day.

Normally, newspaper speculation isn’t worth reporting on, but Bamigboye is considered one of the more reliable industry reporters in the English press (not a particularly impressive accolade admittedly…) and he certainly seems confident in his story. He also appears to confirm that the participation of Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem, two actors heavily linked with the movie, is a done deal. Bardem has even gone on record saying he was considering an ‘intriguing’ villain role.

I’d be pleased to see Moneypenny return to the series, and hopefully Q as well, but casting Harris in the part seems a waste of a hugely talented and charismatic actress. The character’s role in the new film may have been expanded beyond the standard office flirtation, but I’d be surprised if it could ever give Harris the chance to truly flex her acting muscles. Samantha Bond, a respected stage actress, barely got more than one scene per movie when she had the role during Brosnan’s tenure. My fingers remain crossed that Harris will be playing the Bond girl proper, for which she’d be ideally suited.

Bond 23 will be released on November 9th 2012 in the US and October 26th in the UK.

[via Daily Mail]