Is Prometheus still an Alien movie?


In a recent interview with one of the stars of Ridley Scott’s upcoming Sci-fi film Prometheus, Michael Fassbender reveals some details on the movie as well as his character. While keeping the script rather secretive, Fassbender has had a chance to read it and has these good words to say about it: “script is really intelligent and has a nice pace to it.” Even going as far as saying stating a strong connection with Alien.

Hit the jump with a possible spoiler reveal as well his quote that gives reason to believe the movie is among the aliens.

When Fassbender was asked about Prometheus‘ connection with Alien he said:

It’s a different story, but it’s also got the traditional roots. Alien fans will recognize things in it. It’s not ignoring Alien, there’s still a link to that world. But it’s a different story. It’s definitely connected, though.

One of the more telling secrets he revealed is that he is playing an android. Fassbender didn’t actually say the words but when asked if he would be playing a half human, half robot, he responded with “I don’t know what I can say!” and reportedly followed it with a nod.

Every Alien movie has included an android. This may be residue of it formally being an Alien prequel or it is an under the table prequel/movie set in the same universe. I think I’d prefer the latter with, hopefully, slight crossover in future installments.

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