Is the Saw series not quite dead?


That didn’t take long. /Film is reporting that a Lionsgate executive has been quoted as saying that a new addition to the horrid Saw franchise is due in the near future. Now, I’ve only seen two of the movies, and I kind of hated them. But I know there are a lot of people out there that love the franchise. To those people I ask of you, is another Saw movie a good thing? While the exec is saying that a new Saw flick is bound to happen, the boys over at Twisted Pictures seem more cautious. The creative minds behind the series seem to only be open to another movie if there’s a pitch out there that’s really mind blowing. You know, a real revelation for the series.

What will probably happen is this exec will force the creatives to do another Saw movie just to compete with the now annual Paranormal Activity series. It’s business, pure and simple. And that kind of sucks. But that’s the way this industry works: Money will always win out over creative power.

[via /Film]