Is The Wolfman being rebooted as ‘Werewolf’?


Universal’s first attempt at remaking the classic 1941 monster movie The Wolfman took four years to reach the screen, went through two directors, countless rewrites and reshoots, and received lousy notices and box-office when it arrived. So what’s a studio to do?


According to Moviehole, Universal are taking a second stab at the property, cunningly avoiding any negative associations with the 2010 movie by changing its name to the highly original Werewolf. The project is said to be on the hunt for a director and aims to start shooting in the fall.

The only reaction to this news I can convey is a despondent sigh. It’s said the movie will have more in common with the 1941 original, which won’t mean a thing to modern audiences. What will mean something is that this story was told barely over a year ago. Hollywood likes reboots because they can expend minimal effort on an established licence, but even on the off-chance that Twilight has stoked some teen interest in werewolves, I fail to see what Universal are hoping for from this.

[via Moviehole]