Is this a new show coming from the creator of Rick & Morty?


Rick & Morty might be a smash hit now, but it certainly took a while before the show’s creator, Justin Roiland hit success with a television network. The stories go that Roiland took many pitches to networks like Fox and Cartoon Network before teaming up with Community creator Dan Harmon to develop Rick & Morty for Adult Swim. Now, with the show blowing up into a huge smash hit, other networks might be clamoring for a little taste of the Roiland magic, much like the Groenings and MacFarlenes of the animation world before him.

Over the weekend, Roiland actually “leaked” some tweets about a show he’s currently developing with Fox. I say “leaked” as Roiland is already well known as quite the jokester on Twitter, making non-canonical claims about Rick & Morty or even some of his own hilarious obsessions finding their way into the show.

The “leaked” pitch is for a show called Solar Opposites which a group of replicant aliens who escape from their dying planet to Earth, where they settle down in a house and are comically mismatched as roommates. The fun loving Terry is messy wacky one, while straight-laced Korvo is the clean one– a regular Odd Couple!

The tweets themselves are actually pretty great and worth checking out (especially screencapped texts from co-creator Mike McMahan yelling at Roiland to stop spoiling the show). The big question still is, is this all real and can we expect another hit from the house of Rick & Morty? Considering Fox has actually been trying to compete lately with big cable productions with their own edgier shows like The Last Man on Earth and Wayward Pines, it’s more than possible.

At the least, I have a feeling this will most likely turn up in Rick & Morty as one of the many fake television programs from other dimensions they’ve introduced before on the show.