Is this the teaser poster for The Wolverine?


How odd that the first real news out of The Wolverine other than some idle talk from director James Mangold would be what appears to be the teaser poster for the film, initially released through an image on Instagram that has conspicuously been deleted since. Despite the quality of the image being kind of crappy, it’s a really cool poster. It’s simple, immediately sets up the idea of Wolverine ravaging Japan, and it’s got the all-important, iconic claws. Really, it’s all you could ask for in a poster.

Here’s hoping that Fox will take a hint from the release of this poster and show us off a little more. After all, the flick’s coming out next summer, and some of us need to wet our whistle on Old Canucklehead.

I don’t regret a single thing about how that last sentence turned out.

[Via First Showing]